Career-Focus Program

Customized to your needs, Career-Focus Program is based on a 4-step methodology aimed to assist you in setting yourself up for professional success.

Your experience will include:

  1. A career path assessment - identification of skills, strengths, and areas of potential development
  2. Development of your personal branding statement & creation of accomplishment statements
  3. Resume refinement that will get you noticed
  4. Marketing plans and social media feedback review

Format: Four 1-hour Zoom weekly sessions, based on mutual scheduling availability

Leadership Elevation

Designed for leaders of all levels, Leadership Elevation will support your professional development and will inspire your own unique managerial style.

You will benefit from exploring your abilities to develop yourself, other people and to effectively lead change. “Leadership Elevation” is ideal for leaders who cannot be offsite for long periods of time. You will be directed over a series of 6 one-hour one-on-one sessions, that you schedule consecutively, based on your own availability.

Customized to your specific needs, topics of exploration include (but are not limited to):

  • Emotional intelligence,
  • Leadership style,
  • Communications,
  • Time management,
  • Delegation,
  • Motivation & engagement,
  • Performance discussions,
  • Innovative & strategic thinking,
  • Industry & trends awareness

Format: Six 1-hour Zoom weekly or biweekly sessions, based on mutual scheduling availability


A unique newly developed program specifically targeted for MEN who are seeking self-awareness, personal effectiveness, and improved communications skills. Alignment is based on 5 “A” concepts (and 2 bonus “A” s) intended to support you in optimizing your best self.

Why MEN?

Through my practice, research, and observations, I have noted that there seems to be more resources and support available for women. Also, women tend to seek out support more often than men and so I wanted to offer support to our “other halves”.

Alignment is a practical, spiral-learning of 5 key concepts of Awareness, Acknowledgements, Assumptions, Authenticity, Acceptance including 2 bonus “A” chapters. Each chapter contains practical daily reflective exercises to support your learning & adoption of the “A” skills.

No scheduling required – you can start whenever you are ready. All you need to do is purchase the workbook and get started.

Your investment includes:

  • ALIGNMENT workbook (a step-by-step printable pdf that you can download)
    • Dedicated chapters to explain each of the 5 key concepts of Awareness, Acknowledgements, Assumptions, Authenticity & Acceptance
    • True life stories from other men to help emphasize the 5 key concepts
    • Practical exercises in each chapter for you to use and implement in your life
    • End-of-chapter reflective questions to assist you with implementing the concepts into your life
    • An appendix of all the exercises for you to print and repeat as you choose
  • A Welcome email with my contact information and a voluntary & optional Zoom link to my biweekly Zoom groups chats. Come with your questions, thoughts and ideas and meet others in a neutral non-judgmental space.