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NEW! Leader's Journal

Leader’s Journal is a series of 21-Daily Prompts to support your reflective journaling practice. Each month, starting June 2023, I will publish a new leader’s journal of 21 daily prompts for your reflection time that you can purchase, download, print and begin your journaling journey. I will also be posting weekly regular reflections from my own journaling on Karen Hanna Coaching Facebook page.

People who journal daily have a stronger sense of self-awareness and cope with life’s stresses more easily.

Start Date: June 2023

Cost: $21 each

Alignment Program

A unique newly developed program specifically targeted for MEN who are seeking self-awareness, personal effectiveness, and improved communications skills.

Coaching Philosophy

Karen’s fundamental methodology uses a pragmatic solutions-focused approach to the client’s desire for change and improvement by assessing circumstances and situations through different lenses.

As the client begins viewing situations with increased AWARENESS and INSIGHT, they can begin to identify CHOICES, evaluate CONSEQUENCES, assess CHALLENGES and begin to determine their best option for COMMITMENT to action. An in-depth evaluation of issues allows for aligning attainable choices with ACTIONS and ACCOUNTABILITY. The cycle continues as diversity of actions results in changed behaviours that can then, lead to further insight and awareness.

Coaching Philosophy

Mission, Role, Values

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” ― Maya Angelou

Karen Hanna

My Mission

My life mission is to help empower people through professional leadership, and service to my community to build balanced lives of personally and professionally. I have a natural affinity for building community, whether it be professional teams or family units. My strong organizational skills, strategic development planning and visioning talents work to build effective teams in business. I am a dedicated advocate for mental wellness and am using my coaching to work with individuals and families.

Benefits of Coaching

  • Coaching is an ongoing partnership that accelerates learning, performance and progress professionally and personally.
  • Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.
  • The coaching relationship is an interaction that creates clarity, understanding and accelerates the client’s progress towards their goals by providing greater focus on awareness of choices and innate trust in oneself.
  • Coaching is setting goals for change in thinking patterns, behaviours and attitudes while drawing on the client’s knowledge of their own values, strengths and goals.
  • Coaching is NOT mentoring, as the client is the one owning the process and makes decisions for themselves. Although past experience has a great influence on present and future decisions, coaching is not counselling or therapy.

My Core Values

  • Identification of core values and strengths is the foundation of my coaching practice. My coaching practice is centered on identification and utilization of your unique core essentials. I believe that our innate values are individual to each one of us and we must have a firm foundation in what we stand for before we can design our goals and examine life purpose. Throughout our coaching experience, you will return to the core essentials to learn how the foundation of core essentials allows you to make informed choices that are healthiest for you. You will learn to identify situations that lead to “misalignment of your values and how to return to alignment for optimum health and happiness.
  • Complete confidentiality, genuine compassion, trust and respect. Our relationship will be built on complete confidentiality. We will build trust and respect with one another over time. Compassion and non-judgment are critical factors to disclosure of deep issues. I believe that in order to learn we must feel safe to express ourselves and be genuine. We can only change when we are completely authentic with ourselves.
  • Use of trusted tools and techniques will be employed, as needed, to assist the coaching process. I have a variety of recognized assessment tools to develop awareness of the core essentials (values, strengths and purpose). I have developed tools to assess leadership and learning styles to be used as needed. My coaching practice is centered on awareness, trust of self and informed thoughtful choice.
good in others

Practice builds mastery. Mastery builds confidence.

FREE Consultation session

Free, no obligation consultation via Zoom or phone is available for any questions regarding coaching programs offered or to request information about custom coaching or workshops. Please click the link below. Your personal information is never shared, nor used for solicitation without your consent.


J. W.

TriLink Biotech

It has been such a pleasure working with you over the last 6 months as well. I’ve learned many new skills for becoming a more effective leader, and have processed my personal values and character traits to give me a better understanding of what drives me as a person, and how to attenuate negative emotions when confronted with a tough situation that feels contrary to my belief system. I’m very glad we spent the time on these core values exercises, as it’s not something I would have thought to do on my own.

L. L.

UPS HR Manager

Thank you again for being an amazing coach and bringing out the best in me. You provided so many great tools to move forward.

I initially didn’t understand or comprehend the need for a coach. But as the old adage goes, "you don’t know what you don’t know". Karen really gave me a different point of view. With her help, I was able to recognize where I could improve myself. She offered education, positive, challenging, respectful, and helpful insights. My only regret is, I wish I had found Karen earlier in my career. Working with Karen was a true pleasure, and it is great to know that I can continue to rely on her when I need that fresh perspective! I will miss our discussions. Stay safe!

B. V.

Senior Director, Business Process – Consumer Data & Insights, PVH Ltd

This time has been invaluable. I will reflect and take account in both my personal and professional life often.  You’ve been so helpful and insightful. I will always laugh out loud now and think of you when I recall the ATM story. Until you brought it to my attention, I really never saw it the way you did.

I spoke with my manager yesterday and he has prepared the documentation for my promotion! 

I will keep in touch and certainly review these resources. So appreciative our paths have crossed and grateful to PVH for this opportunity.

S. R.

Poseida Therapeutics

Thank you for being so supportive in understanding all the areas I wanted to work on and providing guidance. I’m hoping to apply all the things I’ve learned about work and myself for the long term and try to improve more and more in every aspect as a person. I’ll stay in touch!

M. A.

PVH Corp.

You are an extraordinary coach.

A great coach converts life challenges and difficulties into helpful and insightful lessons for others.

You have made a huge imprint on my life!

J. H.

Executive Administrative Assistant, Elections Canada

I just want you to know that our sessions together are helping me to this day in trying to make the right decisions for myself. One year later, I continue to refer to all my notes and documents we discussed during our sessions. I am less stressed as I know better who I am as a person, what I seek in a job, and am able to better prepare for job opportunities. I believe the right fit is out there and that I will achieve it. So, my outlook on my career goals is positive.

J. R.

Vice President, Poseida Therapeutics

I was reading through some of the materials you had sent, and just wanted to say thank you again for the truly outstanding coaching. This was a genuinely helpful, motivating, useful and all around great experience for me.

M. L.

Pharmaceutical Sales

Karen helped me to attain clarity of my values and helped uncover a vision of my best and true self. This process has helped me to stay aligned with who I am at my best and to flourish. Thanks Karen!

K. M.

Events Manager

Karen Hanna recently helped me with career coaching and rewriting my resume. This appears on the surface to be a simple thing, but I assure you it is not. She has a knack for confidence building, in part by allowing me to see my skills in a new light. She also has interesting tools that assist you to explore your career choices and find a good fit for your personality. Karen Hanna gave me confidence that I could stand solidly behind my resume. She delivers!